Family Picture

Family Photos

An assorted photo melange of three generations of family.
In homage to my parents and older brother who are no longer with us.
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Donald in stroller 1957
Donald & David in the Pontiac Station  Wagon
Easter 1957
Donald & David Christmas 1960
David and Donald 1974
David with Neighborhood Kids in Indian Dress
Donald in the Inflatable Pool
David 1978
Donald 1978
My Grampa with his Cornet Band circa 1912
Don & Dad_1957
David 1978
Don at the top of Mt_Whitney 1973
Birthday Party 1961
Don and Dad at the Japanese Deer Park 1967
Dad at work 1955
Don and Lisa Honeymoon Cruise 1988
Don in Carmel, CA 1962
Lisa, her sister Linda and the neighborhood kids
Mom and Dad in Heidelberg, Germany 1982